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Carolyn Holmes retires from general practice

After more than 30 years, Dr Carolyn Holmes has retired from Hamilton East Medical Centre.

Carolyn arrived in New Zealand from the UK in late 1987. She started the 'Family medicine training programme' with her first placement at Hamilton East Medical Centre (HEMC), then later returned to start a practice there.

"I have really enjoyed being a GP, the personal interactions and the challenges of diagnosis and running a business," Carolyn says. "As a GP you may be confronted with any medical condition. You know a lot, but it is never enough. It is a huge and rewarding responsibility. I will miss my patients who have shared so much over the years."

But Carolyn won't be leaving HEMC completely.

"Having gained my Postgraduate Diploma in Travel Medicine in 2007, I have been providing travel medicine consultations at HEMC - an affiliate clinic of The Travel Doctor NZ. So, I will continue in this role, which I thoroughly enjoy," she says.

"Having this corner of expertise has made the decision to stop general practice at this stage in my career a positive choice."

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