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Celebrating Foundation Standard and Cornerstone success

The end of quarter four marked the deadline for practices to achieve Foundation Standard or Cornerstone, and Pinnacle MHN is celebrating our practices' success.

By the end of the quarter, all 58 of the Pinnacle MHN practices enrolled in Foundation Standard have met the standard.  All other practices have either met Cornerstone or are on the road to meeting accreditation.

Cornerstone was a particular highlight for the quarter, with an impressive 20 practices assessed between April and June. 

The quality team is particularly thrilled to report that every practice engaged well with the programme they were enrolled in, and worked hard to meet both standards. A report detailing each locality's performance (by practice) has been supplied to DHBs.

As a network, Pinnacle MHN believes both assessment programmes are a great way of formalising and celebrating what our practices do every day: provide high quality primary care services.

We'd like to publicly congratulate all 86 practices for the enormous amount of work poured into demonstrating compliance with all relevant indicators and criteria. We're proud to support their accreditation journey.

More about Foundation Standard and Cornerstone

  • The Foundation Standard is a national assessment programme developed by the RNZCGP. It represents what is considered to be the minimum legal, professional, and regulatory requirements for general practice.
  • Cornerstone, also a RNZCGP assessment programme, builds on the Foundation Standard and is aimed at teaching practices who have GPEP1 registrars.
  • More information about these programmes can be found on the RNZGP website:

Photo:  Hillcrest Medical Centre is one of the practices who worked hard to get signed off this quarter.


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