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NES update - November 2017

In the October NES update we reported the Ministry of Health and PHOs have been working together to reduce the variation rate of enrolments between the current capitation based funding (CBF) export process and the National Enrolment Service (NES).

Data provided to Pinnacle after the last PHO report showed the variations between enrolments in NES and enrolments in practice registers. We will be in touch with you over the next few months if your practice has a large variation to help you work on a plan to remedy this. 

The suggested approach below will allow significant gains prior to the rapidly approaching 14 November export and will allow a subsequent assessment of where we are placed in terms of the target accuracy thresholds.

The Ministry of Health is advising the following priority steps before the next CBF submission in mid-November:

1. Prioritise checking the records for patients who appear in your PMS as enrolled, but who do not appear to be enrolled in NES. There is a query builder available for Medtech practices to identify these patients.

2. If time allows, continue looking into other areas of difference in the reports, starting with patients who appear as enrolled in NES but do not appear in the PMS as enrolled, then ethnicity, then quintile differences. 

Regarding other points raised:

  • Anecdotal reports indicate that some practices are assuming validation completes the enrolment, but in Medtech in particular the enrolment has to be completed separately. This will help maintain the accuracy of enrolment data going forward.
  • General practice validation of patients as they present for appointments should continue and should be business as usual under NES, however any bulk validation of registers as an exercise should not be prioritised.
  • With quintile differences practices will need to make sure the addresses match between the PMS and the NHI, and that both the NHI and PMS have been eSAM validated. If you come across an address that won't valdiate, email the address details (not the patient details) to for investigation, or call 0800 855 151.
  • With High User Health Card (HUHC) data, PHO funding is based on the Ministry of Health's data for HUHC. The practice HUHC data on the PHO register is ignored so there's no need to focus on this.

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