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NES update - October 2017

Resolving enrolment enquiries 

After the most recent funding import there were several practices reporting anomalies between their exception report and what they saw in NES. Examples of this include:

  • Issue: Practice A receives a "notes transfer request" from Practice B. They complete the transfer process as normal. Practice A went into the NES and saw the patient was still showing as enrolled at their practice, but no longer funded. Cause of issue: Practice B did not enrol the patient through NES. Practice A did also not end the enrolment in NES for the same patient.
  • Issue: Practice C notices on the exceptions report a patient's funding has dropped off, even though they verbally confirmed enrolment with the patient within the three year funding period and noted it in the patient's record. Cause of issue: Practice C did not "re-enrol" the patient through NES.

The reason for these anomalies is because the two systems are running in parallel and don't talk to each other. Once the below thresholds are met and maintained for two subsequent quarters, NES can be accepted as business as usual for capitation based funding (CBF) payments and the old system can be turned off. These thresholds are:
  • 98 per cent of practices in New Zealand are live with NES
  • 98 per cent of enrolments within each practice occur on NES
  • less than 0.02 per cent variation between NES CBF calculations and current process per practice 
  • less than 0.2 per cent variation overall.

What practices need to do
To manage errors, practices need to make sure they are doing the following:
  • enrolling new patients directly into NES
  • updating enrolments in NES (when a patient transfers, re-confirming enrolments, etc)
  • processing daily notifications.

Up to date webinars and instructions are available for Medtech and My Practice.

From the Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Health is asking practices to remember that NES is a live environment, so any updates being made "go live" immediately. If you find a patient is enrolled in error, or you have identified an expired enrolment that shouldn't be expired, contact the Ministry of Health contact centre on 0800 855 151, selecting option one from the recorded options. They will advise you on the correct course of action. 

If you come across an address that will not validate, email the address details (not the patient details) to for investigation. Alternatively you can contact their contact centre and they can validate the address for you. 

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