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Pinnacle improves practice data collection practices

Pinnacle MHN is implementing a new data collection software to improve the way it captures data and reports back to practices.

Datacraft allows data from practices to be passed directly to Pinnacle without a third party intermediating the process. This allows for faster data collection and improved responsiveness which ultimately will support the roll-out of information and new services to practices quickly. Examples of this include:

  • Information captured and shared for clinical education pods, such as consults, prescribing, referrals, and outcomes.
  • Data to help determine the viability of a new service, such as data collection for the rural chest pain pathway pilot.

Pinnacle already collects data from practices for analysis and reporting purposes through the BPAC daily extract, the quarterly extract and CPI data. In effect, there is nothing new with this data collection except the ease in which it is gathered for practice and PHO. The collection of this data is required in the PHO services agreement (the back to back agreement), and patient consent is part of the enrolment process.

The new tool allows the data extraction and management to save time at the practice and at Pinnacle. In many cases this tool will eliminate the need for practice staff to run queries and extract data requests. Datacraft will allow for improved coverage and consistency in data collection, benefiting practices with better services for patients and tools for accurate benchmarking.

It has industry-standard security, encrypting all data at least twice before it leaves practices and only decrypting when it is safely within Pinnacle's corporate environment. The software can be used in conjunction with myPractice, Medtech3.2, Medtech Evolution and Profile data. It abides by the MOH, ISO, health information standards and privacy commissioner regulations and provisions around data security, privacy and governance.

The software will give practices control over what data is extracted. Practices will have full transparency with tools and a control panel that shows what is running on their system. Practices will also have the ability to authorise or de-authorise particular data collection sets.

Practices will be contacted by Jayden MacRae from Datacraft in the coming weeks. He will help install the data extractor, which carries Pinnacle's usual data usage policies to ensure its governance and appropriate use. 

Xcrania practices do not need to do anything, Pinnacle will work with them directly to install the software.

If you have any further queries please contact Pinnacle MHN general manager practice support and development Bevan Bayne:

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