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New Zealand ePrescription service - information for general practices

The NZ ePrescription service (NZePS) provides a secure messaging channel for prescribing and dispensing systems to exchange prescription information electronically. It enables a prescription to be generated by the prescriber, transmitted to the NZePS health information exchange broker, and downloaded electronically at a community pharmacy.

The prescriber can note the reason for prescribing and make other comments at the time of prescribing. This will be sent as part of the prescription information passed electronically to the pharmacy. Prescribers can request a notification when a patient's medication has not been dispensed, and pharmacists can send dispensing comments back to the prescriber.

There are currently 92 practices using NZePS with 56 of these having Ministry of Health (MOH) approval for issuing barcoded Controlled Drug ePrescriptions (meaning they no longer have to fill in triplicate forms). Over the last few months more practices have been expressing interest in accessing this service. Read more about the NZePS on the MOH website.

Ventures is working with the MOH to get ePrescription activation for all indici Health Care Home sites as soon as possible. Within indici, this is included as part of the system however within MedTech it will require the practice paying a further licence fee. For more information contact indici programme manager Phillip Duncan:

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