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Pinnacle Group reject Medtech claims

Medtech Limited (Medtech) claims that Midlands Health Network Limited (Midlands), Pinnacle Incorporated (Pinnacle), Pinnacle Ventures Limited (Ventures) and Valentia Technologies (NZ) Limited (Valentia) conspired together to copy Medtech's software and use its confidential information.Pinnacle, on behalf of the Pinnacle Group rejects Medtech's claims.

The Pinnacle Group intends to vigorously defend itself. There has been no copying and no misuse of confidential information. The Pinnacle Group prides itself in being a health care innovator with a reputation for high quality care.

The Pinnacle Group has been working closely for several years with Valentia on the development of indici, for which it has expended significant resources. indici is Valentia's new fully cloud based patient health information system. It is based around a single master patient list and has been independently designed from scratch; after talking to hundreds of New Zealand frontline GPs, nurses, medical centre assistants, nurse practitioners, patient access centre staff, allied health staff and patients.

Built around the Health Care Home model, indici is a standards-based, open application programming interface (API) integrator for health information. It runs completely in the cloud using new technology and new workflows; and is being chosen as their preferred system by a growing range of primary health organisations, practices and non-government organisations across New Zealand.

Pinnacle has not copied any of MedTech's software. It strongly believes indici is a major step forward and has no interest in copying any other system.

Health information systems need to be open and standards-based to ensure individual health information is safely, securely and accurately stored; and available to be shared across providers as individuals move across the system. Many of the current systems cannot accurately share information between themselves. Anthony Hill, the Health and Disability Commissioner, has made calls for new and more consistent systems to avoid medication mishaps. indici is perfectly designed to meet those needs, and Pinnacle believes that modern international encryption standards and direct APIs are replacing the need for a whole layer in the health system.

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