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Keeping up with medicine is made easier when we share clinical stories with our colleagues. On this page we share brief learnings and articles that have interested our GP liaison team during the month of June. If you come across an article, video or resource you think clinical and management teams should know about, send it to

Personalised care - thoughts from Dr Jo Scott-Jones

I'd encourage clinicians to listen to this latest podcast from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) not only because most of the contributors are called Jo - but also because it's a box of wisdom pearls about personalised medicine. 

There's a new role emerging in our health system - another navigator / link worker/ kaiawhina - the health coach, it's time to start thinking about how they fit into our system. This gives some clues. 

On another note, GPs have been at the forefront of personalised medicine for years - it's what we specialise in. 

Whether we articulate that well and show it works academically, whether we allow it to inform the way we organise our clinics and support networks, whether we can shift the system as a whole to address "what matters to you" medicine are moot points. I think we have to try. 

A personal project is to shift thinking from "patient centred care" to "patient modulated care." Shifting from us centering on them, to them being in charge of their own care, able to shift the tone and pitch of the services they use. Our role becomes more like that of a conductor, helping to keep things on time, coordinated with others, and reaching a final satisfying chord. 

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