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Web-based mental health education and training resources

This page provides information on high quality, freely accessible online resources, with a focus on common mental health problems, aimed primarily (but not exclusively) at family doctors. The resources are listed by country of origin but are widely applicable.

This list has been collated by members of the Wonca Working Party for Mental Health (WWPMH). The resources are listed by country of origin but are widely applicable. Visit the WPMH website for more information.


Black Dog Institute

There are currently 17 webinars  and a 6 module online learning program all focussed on Australian evidence-based eMH programs and resources and how to use them in clinical practice. Many of these resources are available to international users and one, MoodGYM, has been translated into a number of languages including Chinese. GPs from outside Australia who complete the eMHPrac modules or listen to a webinar would hear about online programs and resources they could use outside Australia. 


Use the "find a course" option and refine your search using the keyword "mental health". 

United Kingdom

RCGP mental health toolkit

The mental health toolkit provides resources for healthcare professionals to reference regarding the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues. The toolkit provides trigger questions, diagnostic tools, and current guidance for healthcare professionals supporting those with mental illness. It also provides resources for those concerned about their own mental health issues

WHO/Pan American Health Organisation

Mental Health Global Action Program 2017 (mhGAP-2017) virtual course

This course is based on the mhGAP integration guide version 2.0, which presents recommendations for the integrated management of priority conditions using protocols for clinical decision-making. Please note this is an annual course with specified dates that it runs. Check the link for more details.

WONCA Working Party for Mental Health

WWPMH recently produced guidance and training on physical health care for patients with severe mental illness

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