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What we've been reading - January 2018

Keeping up with medicine is made easier when we share clinical stories with our colleagues. On this page we share brief learnings and articles that have interested our GP liaison team during the month of January. If you come across an article, video or resource you think clinical and management teams should know about, send it to

Opinion: Paul Anderson - One surgeon's immersion in a Māori nursing programme - Thoughts from David Maplesden, Pinnacle GP liaison

A New Zealand-born surgeon, who spent most of his career overseas, shares the lessons he's learnt from becoming an anatomy teacher for the country's only kaupapa Māori nursing degree - and how he is now sharing that learning. This insightful opinion piece gives a refreshing perspective on contributors to Māori health inequities and ways of approaching it.

Staying up to date - thoughts by Dr Jo Scott Jones

How do you keep up to date? One thing I try to do is to understand medications if I come across them in hospital discharge letters, and keep a weather eye on newsletters like the Prescriber Update.

This month the concept of immune checkpoint blockers caught my eye, and I realised I know a very tiny amount about this class of medications. Reading the Medsafe sheet left me very confused so I turned to Dr Google and Professor YouTube and found the following.

This is a jolly cartoony introduction...

And this which was a bit more wordy...

I know I need to know more, but a few bite sized chunks at a time seems to work well for me. These medications are relatively new and we are still learning about the post-marketing side effects which can take weeks to months to develop.

We are encouraged to report any adverse or suspected adverse reactions to CARM. Reports can be submitted on paper or electronically.

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