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Pinnacle Midlands Health Network

Midlands Health Network is a primary health care innovator and development company working on behalf of Pinnacle Incorporated.  

Our job is to support the sustainability and further development of leading edge primary health care services.  We exist in order for providers and clinicians to have the tools they need to deliver services that create the very best outcomes for their patients.

Owned by Pinnacle Incorporated, our staff support Pinnacle members and the Midlands Regional Health Network Charitable Trust to maintain strong relationships with key partners in the health sector.  This ensures primary and community health care services in the region are provided in the most sustainable way, and that we all have access to high quality health care now and in the future.

Pinnacle Midlands Health Network is a not-for-profit primary health care management company with offices in Hamilton, New Plymouth, Gisborne and Taupo. 

What is Primary Health Care?

Basically, when you go to the doctor - that's us. Primary health care is the professional health care you receive in your community, usually from your GP or practice nurse. Your GP leads a team of health professionals including nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, psychologists and other health workers, who work together to prevent you and your family from getting sick.

Our senior leadership team

David Oldershaw

Chief executive officer

David has been with Pinnacle for over five years now, starting as general manager - commercial and then in 2014 moving to become general manager - corporate and deputy CEO. He has a background in business management and consulting.  

Jo Scott-Jones

Medical director

Dr Jo is a GP with a practice in Opotiki, a community he has served since 1992. Since starting work with Pinnacle MHN in September 2016 Jo's clinical work has been in practices throughout the network. As medical director Dr Jo is the voice of general practice on the leadership team, and the face of Pinnacle general practice on numerous local, regional and national bodies (poster-boy is not the word we use). He has a role in practice liaison, quality, education and supports Ventures projects as well as being a great source of knowledge to the office team where he is constantly bombarded with "just a quick question".

Dr Jo has had a long involvement in medical governance and has been Chair of the Rural General Practice Network, was the inaugural Chair of the Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand, and is currently an elected member on the board of the RNZCGP. He has been an examiner for the RNZCGP and Cornerstone assessor. 

Dr Jo has suffered from multiple diplomatosis in the past. His last diploma was in clinical education, he has a Masters Degree in general practice and has vowed never to do another university paper ever again! 

Dr Jo leads a dual life on twitter - @opotikigp and @pinmhnmd

Kirsty Carruthers

Chief financial officer

Kirsty has a background in commercial public and private companies in New Zealand, Australia and Scotland for 15 years. As a chartered accountant, she has worked in a range of financial roles across a variety of industries from newspapers through to roading.

Kirsty joined the Pinnacle MHN team in 2017, and is using her experience around financial control and management reporting to help improve processes and understanding of finance across the Pinnacle group.

Outside of work you can find her walking her dog, drinking a good glass of wine, or travelling.

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Tammy Hebditch

Human resources director

Tammy has a degree in psychology and a graduate diploma in human resource management. Tammy joined Pinnacle MHN a very long time ago, and because of her history here she has developed great relationships across the business. 

Tammy was a key contributor to the first Pinnacle MHN workforce survey and spent five years managing workforce scholarships.  Tammy is proof Pinnacle MHN supports the growth and development of its people. Tammy's primary focus is developing leadership in others by offering new approaches to thinking.

In a previous lifetime, Tammy enjoyed working as an in-house recruiter for the banking and telecommunications industries in Canada and England. 

Nowadays when Tammy isn't at work you'll find her playing with her two kids, dreaming about the next overseas trip or reading mystery novels.

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Valerio Malez

Chief information officer

Valerio has worked in information technology, digital transformation and process improvement roles in New Zealand, France, Italy, UK and Ireland. His background includes business management and consulting. He has a business management degree from the Dublin Business School.

Valerio works with his team, Pinnacle MHN and the network to ensure technology enables us to provide value to practices and patients. His passion lies in process improvement, process automation and cloud computing.

In his spare time he shares his passion for athletics with his two kids. He is a fully qualified athletic coach and he is a volunteer ambulance officer at St John. Being the stereotypical Italian, Valerio enjoys cooking and he is very fond of wine.
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Marie Simpson

Communication lead

Marie has worked in communication roles in New Zealand and the UK. She worked across a few different sectors but quickly discovered she isn't built to sell widgets, she needs true meaning in her work so she started working in a health focused not-for-profit environment - ten years later it still gets her out of bed in the morning.

As the self-confessed style and brand police, Marie's role at Pinnacle MHN is to make sense of the huge range of information that needs to go out the network every week. Her key areas of interest are communications strategy and planning, digital communication and above all celebrating and recognising heart-warming and life changing success stories.

Marie hones her time and project management skills by trying to keep up with the hectic demands of two kiddos. In her downtime she sometimes attempts to be a runner, but mostly she'll be on the couch with her nose in a book or trying to tame her ambitious watch list on Netflix.

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Justin Butcher

General manager - Regional services (interim)

Justin leads the regional services team holding responsibility for contracting and service delivery to the Waikato, Taranaki and Tairawhiti regions. In addition the Maori health manager and performance and monitoring manager are also part of his team.

Justin will be known to many of the practices from his previous Pinnacle role of general manager for Primary Health Care Limited. Justin also works with St John as an intensive care paramedic, so he's a good man to have about in an emergency! 

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