Pinnacle highlights: August 2019

20 Aug 2019
Pinnacle highlights: August 2019

Welcome from Frank

Around the board table lately there has been one firm topic of discussion, what does the future hold for Pinnacle? It's time to design the next chapter, in which a strong primary care sector will underpin community-based care with general practice supported to be a key player in leadership and delivery. We also need to make the sector relevant to the next workforce generation.

To set our vision for 2020-2030 we've been out listening to our members' views on the future of general practice,models of care and how Pinnacle needs to change to stay relevant for our members. We're unpicking lots of themes around governance and leadership such as how we:
  • strengthen our advocacy role by strengthening our voice and impact nationally
  • create more connection, involvement and transparency between governance and membership
  • build local clinical leadership
  • succession plan for the next generation of leadership
  • empower localities to have a greater influence on resource allocation.
We're also looking at the services we provide making sure we work more collaboratively through matching our local workforce to the local demand of our patient populations, and providing more data to practices in real time.

We expect the health sector review to recommend a range of changes to organisations and the functions they provide. We want to lead a proactive response to this. We feel the future is clear, there will be a strong call to better support people living within their own communities, with better access to wellness and preventative care.

Regional roadshows are being planned so we can present our new thinking to our practices.

Frank Cullen
Chairman, Pinnacle Incorporated

Also in this issue

  • Celebrating 30 years - nominations are now open for the Pinnacle birthday awards ceremony!
  • HiNZ Conference update - including information on the National Health Care Home Collaborative Symposium, Health informatics in the wilds of primary care pre-conference session and the Amazon Web Services experiential village.

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#ICYMI - in case you missed it...

A new era for Pinnacle data and information

Our thought leadership in this space is attracting attention nationwide, with requests from all over the country steadily flowing in from people and organisations who are keen to learn from us. This includes the Ministry of Health, who asked us to provide a briefing to their new data team who are highly interested in understanding how they may adopt a similar approach. Read the full story on our website or you can also read more in the NZ Doctor article Cloud computing offers silver lining for delayed primary data project (paywalled).

Venturesgx keeps making headlines

Interest continues in our landmark pharmacogenomics programme. NZ Doctor has explored how it's the future for general practice, writes about how genetic testing will drive prescribing, our funding partner talks about how to prescribe a healthier future with DNA and NOTED dives deep into how new research will revolutionise Māori and Pacific health.

If you're interested in becoming PGx accredited to start offering tests in your practice contact the team on

Beerescourt Medical's rapid indici transition

After a legacy practice management system crash, with no timeframe given for a fix, the practice was left without access to information and threatened disarray. Within days, indici was implemented and structure was returned. Read the full story.