Pinnacle Incorporated announces change in organisational structure

6 Jun 2017
Pinnacle Incorporated announces change in organisational structure

Pinnacle Incorporated chair Dr Frank Cullen has today announced that from 1 July the primary health organisation (PHO) will more clearly separate out its standalone innovation activities via its existing not-for-profit company.

From 1 July, current Pinnacle Midlands Health Network CEO John Macaskill-Smith will step aside from the network role and will take up the newly created CEO position to lead the venture.

Pinnacle Midlands Health Network will start recruiting for a new CEO. General Manager of Corporate, David Oldershaw, has been appointed as interim CEO role until a permanent replacement is found.

Dr Cullen said the change will set the organisation up to better meet patient expectations for the future.

"The future of the health sector is going to require a wide range of new partnerships beyond the traditional sector players - bringing technology, social and other more commercial parties closer together to better meet patient and consumer expectations around not only illness, but also helping people maintain wellness.

"The health sector can be very inward looking and this change ensures we have an innovation hub that can reach out beyond many of the current constraints" he said.

Dr Cullen added that Pinnacle Inc's organisational change will also provide a clear separation between the PHO and network support functions and its innovative activities.

"Supporting our general practice network has been, and always will be, Pinnacle Incorporated's top priority.

"This reorganisation will allow us to ramp up our efforts to meet the increasing demands of our network members. We are setting ourselves up to serve our general practice members and their communities in an even more targeted way.

"As a group, we are staying true to our mission: to be New Zealand's leading primary care network."

Dr Cullen said separating the two parts of the organisation will ensure undivided focus on each.

"Over the past decade under John Macaskill-Smith's direction, Pinnacle Incorporated has earned a reputation as a pioneer.

"We've led the way in innovative primary health care in New Zealand through programmes such as primary care delivery model, Health Care Home; patient management system, indici; and our practice acquisition business, Primary Health Care Limited," he says.

"The success of these activities mean they now require more focused efforts to take them to the next level with a range of new partners. And there's no better visionary out there to lead this venture than John himself."

"Creating a clear separation between our PHO and network support activities and innovation sets us up to better achieve our aggressive targets on both sides of the organisation."

Members of Pinnacle Incorporated will retain full control of both Pinnacle Midlands Health Network and the new company. On behalf of members the Board will approve all strategic plans, capital investment and provide oversight of the subsidiaries. There is no immediate change to the group's governance structure.

Dr Cullen confirms are no job losses as a result of the structure change.

"We are excited about the future of Pinnacle Incorporated and the opportunity we have to reinvigorate the network, redefine what we have stood for over the past 30 years, and set ourselves up to continue designing the future of primary health care delivery in New Zealand."