When can I get my COVID-19 vaccination?

2 Sep 2021
When can I get my COVID-19 vaccination?

Ma tini, ma mano, ka rapa te whai. By joining together we will succeed.
The COVID-19 Immunisation Programme is the biggest single logistical exercise our health system has ever tackled, and we know everyone will do their part to make it a success.

By getting vaccinated, you are protecting yourself and playing your part to protect New Zealand. Vaccination will save lives and help us to further open-up the country. Once it’s your time, you make an appointment to be vaccinated at any time. It’s free for everyone aged 12 and over in New Zealand and there’s no cut off.

The COVID-19 website has a handy tool to find out how to book your vaccination and what to expect.

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is free, safe and effective. Everyone in New Zealand aged 12 or older can get vaccinated regardless of residency or citizenship status. Two doses of the vaccine, at least three weeks apart, will protect you. Enough doses have been ordered for everyone in the country.

How to get the vaccine

There is a range of places where you can get your COVID-19 vaccinations.

Everyone 12 years and over can book their COVID-19 vaccinations now.

You may be able to book directly at your local general practice, community pharmacy, or hauora provider. To find out visit www.healthpoint.co.nz or www.karawhiua.nz.

Please do not arrive at any clinic without an appointment as you will not be able to receive your vaccination and we do not like disappointing people.

You will be able to get your vaccination at the place that is the most convenient to you – near your home or work.

Please call ahead when bringing whānau to get vaccinated

  • We want to make it as easy as possible for our young people to get vaccinated and also ensure that all of our people stay safe in changing Alert Levels.
  • Please call ahead to ensure vaccination sites can safely accommodate a larger whānau booking, especially to smaller vaccination sites.
  • There is enough vaccine for everyone in Aotearoa – no-one will miss out.

For vaccine information specific to: