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EAP services - festive season support

For many the festive season means making time for family, friends, community and workplace social events. For others the lack of social activity in their lives may become all too obvious at this time.

It is important to acknowledge that staff may be under greater pressure at this time of the year and may require extra support. Managers need to be able to provide a supportive and encouraging work environment for their staff throughout the year, but particularly in the lead up to Christmas.  EAP recommend that management teams:

  • communicate openly and regularly with staff
  • acknowledge a job well done
  • acknowledge to staff that it's a busy time of the year and encourage them to talk through any work issues with their manager
  • remind staff of the availability and confidentiality of the EAP Programme.

EAP Services highlight some tips to help you and your teams thrive - not just survive - the holiday season and focus on the positive. Please also ensure all staff are aware they can continue to access EAP support at any time throughout December and January - EAP services are available 24/7 - every day of the year.  Simply call 0800 327 669 or request an appointment.  

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