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Funding updates

Pinnacle MHN chief executive David Oldershaw represents the needs of our member practices at the PHO Services Agreement Amendment Protocol (PSAAP) table. All nationally negotiated funding and contract changes are dealt with through PSAAP.

Following the May PSAAP meeting a 2.38 per cent increase in base capitation funding for general practice in the 2018-19 financial year has been confirmed. This is up on last year's increase of 1.82 per cent.

Government policy changes are still being negotiated regarding community services card holders gaining access to Very Low Cost Access rates, and the extension of the zero fees scheme for under 13s to under 14s, working towards a 1 December implementation. The next update on this is likely to be after the PSAAP meeting scheduled for August.

Zoster vaccine additional payment

It's fair to say the introduction of the zoster vaccine, with the recommendation to give at the same time as the influenza vaccine, hasn't been smooth! Another small victory at the PSAAP meeting was the Ministry of Health acknowledging the additional work in administering the two vaccines at once. An additional payment of $15 will be paid to general practices if Zostavax and influenza vaccines have been given to the same patient during the same consultation effective from 4 June 2018. The process for this payment is still being finalised, but it will run through PHOs until the payment systems are amended. We will keep you up to date in our newsletter and via our practice support team.

As some of you may be aware, there has been an issue with the current claiming and payment process, where double payments have been made when Zostavax and Influenza vaccines have been given to the same patient during the same consultation. Double payments already made will not be recovered. 
From 4 June 2018, this double payment issue will be fixed. The 'error and variance' report received by general practices, will show the double payment rejection. Should you have any queries about the Zostavax payments please contact: 

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