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indici stands strong in comprehensive ProCare PMS review

An update from Dr Frank Cullen, chairman, Pinnacle Incorporated

Having the right technology in place is key to relieving some of the pressures facing general practice, integrating and ensuring our teams can be part of the broader system and most importantly ensuring our patients can access high quality general practice in a modern way, as we have all come to expect in most aspects of our lives.

As I have mentioned previously indici has been independently reviewed and named as the preferred PMS for the lower North Island and was short listed in the Auckland PMS review. ProCare began a practice management system (PMS) review last year, with the goal of identifying a single vendor recommendation for their network. The review is being conducted by a group of GPs, with involvement overall by 220 ProCare members to date.

On 5 June the review steering group recommended Epic and indici to the ProCare board as the two shortlisted systems to move through to the final phase of commercial and due diligence review.

If you haven't heard of Epic, it is a hospital-based system from the US. In comparison indici has been built here by GPs for GPs, designed for our New Zealand healthcare system. It's live in practices throughout the network already, and it works - check out what our medical director Dr Jo Scott-Jones thought after his recent indici experience.

I urge you to contact the Ventures team before making any decision or commitment to upgrade or move to an alternate PMS. Ventures will work with you to tailor a solution around your technology pressure points. With our combined experience and offering of the xcrania technology platform and indici PMS we have a range of solutions for your practice now, and into the future.

Our implementation and practice support teams will work with you to understand your practice needs and capabilities, delivering a tailored solution with plenty of hands on assistance through each step of the process.

As a board we are thrilled with the change indici is bringing to the sector. Without the investment and leadership that Pinnacle has shown in this area we would all still be struggling with limited options. What we now have are real options and new minimum standards that are forcing primary care and health sector systems to become part of the broader digital environment we all now live in.

Going forward we're putting our full weight of support behind what we've painstakingly co-developed, in response to continued requests from you, our members for better systems. What we ask in return is you to take indici as seriously as your colleagues around the country are, it's a leap forward.

We'll continue to support existing PMS systems but our future focus is on indici. For the past 10 years plus we have supported Medtech 32 as the preferred system, it's now indici's turn and we are excited along with a growing majority of other networks with the opportunity that presents.  

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