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From our medical director Dr Joseph Scott-Jones

As the pre-election rhetoric ramps up it's important for us to take a deep breath and consider where we stand. 

As individuals we have family and personal issues, as business owners or taxpayers we have issues, but as health professionals working directly with people and communities we see the impact of government policies more often than most. 

As a doctor I believe we have a responsibility to care not only for the person in front of me, but also their whānau, and the community in which they live. Medicine is a personal issue, but cannot be divorced from context and "place". 

Recently the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) produced a statement and resource that focuses on the social determinants of health and the issue of inequity that underpins so much of the burden we see our communities carry. 

The RACP believe our politicians need to focus on:

  • making ​healthy ​housing the norm by introducing a regulation to mandate a Warrant of Fitness and Health for residential dwellings
  • making ​good ​work the norm by promoting the Living Wage to support the health and wellness of employees and their whānau
  • making whānau ​wellbeing the norm by taking a child-centred approach to all legislation, policy and regulation.

Access the full statement and fantastic background document on the RACP website

If you want to make this election about policy and not personality - have a look at the "what we've been reading" section and consider promoting this app through your surgery social media platforms. 

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