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Full new born enrolment now available via NCHIP

Pinnacle MHN's Child and Youth Coordination (CaY-C) service team is delighted to announce that, thanks to a new National Child Health Information Platform (NCHIP) function introduced this quarter, eligible whānau from across the Waikato region can easily have their new born fully enrolled with a general practice at birth, as facilitated via their lead maternity carer (LMC).

Pinnacle MHN Starting Well programme lead Tracy Jackson says the new NCHIP function eliminates the need for three month pre enrolment, known as B code enrolment. "This means full enrolment of eligible children can happen as early as 48 hours after birth."

Until now, enrolment systems have enabled new borns to pre enrol and be funded with a GP for a three month period only. To obtain full enrolment, the parent or caregiver must come into the practice and fill in a new enrolment form. "Unless the whānau presents within the three months, we risk the child being lost to practice," Tracy said.

It's the introduction of an electronic new born enrolment form on NCHIP that now facilitates full enrolment for eligible children. "A pre-populated enrolment form is sent as a nomination to general practice by the LMC via NCHIP as early as day one after birth. If the nomination is accepted, the new born can be fully enrolled with the practice immediately. This entitles them to three year funding."

Tracy said essentially the time between nomination and acceptance reduces significantly when the NCHIP new born enrolment form is used.

"The benefits are clear. The earlier eligible children can be fully enrolled, the earlier they can engage with general practice. Childhood immunisations and milestone checks can happen on time, and timely health related input can be provided as they grow. Data also shows that new borns who are enrolled within 30 days with a general practice have lower ambulatory sensitive hospitalisation (ASH) events and fewer ED presentations," she said.

Tracy said the CaY-C team is available to follow up NCHIP nominations with practices. "The team can assist practices with accepting nominations as soon as possible. They can also help locate lost to provider children and follow up on milestones missed."

The new NCHIP function is currently being piloted with two birthing centres in the Waikato region, with the aim that it becomes more widely available next year.

"After just one month of the Waikato pilot, 26 new borns were nominated and 19 nominations were accepted. We look forward to seeing new born enrolment continue to happen for eligible children early on via this system" Tracy said.

Statistics at October 2017 for the Waikato DHB region show that 72% of three month old babies are enrolled with a GP. The national rate is 75 per cent and the target is 90 per cent. "We're confident that this new NCHIP function will enable more new borns to be enrolled with a GP before three months," Tracy said.

Starting Well lead: Tracy Jackson,

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