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Great results for Once and For All quit smoking programme in Tairawhiti

Referrals and enrolments in Pinnacle MHN's stop smoking programme, Once and For All, have continued to exceed expectations in the Tairawhiti region this quarter.

Once and For All kicked off in October 2016 and is one of 16 New Zealand providers lending their efforts towards New Zealand's Smokefree 2025 goal.

Pinnacle MHN is contracted by the Ministry of Health to enrol at least 5 per cent of regular smokers within Tairawhiti (411 people) and Waikato (2,770 people) DHB catchment areas each year. 

Priority groups identified include Maori, Pacific and pregnant women. The required outcome is 50 per cent of those who enrol successfully quit. This is measured by a carbon monoxide (CO) reading via a smokerlyzer test.

Despite the constant challenge of converting referrals to programme enrolments, Once and For All achieved its targets this quarter with 207 referrals and 103 enrolments in Tairawhiti. "Remarkably we met the quarter target of 103 enrolments exactly," Pinnacle MHN Staying Well programme lead Selena Batt said.

"This is on-trend with the success of the programme in Tairawhiti since it started. During year one of Once and For All (October 2016 - October 2017) 51 per cent of those who enrolled in Tairawhiti successfully quit, comfortably exceeding the 50 per cent target."

Selena said multiple other Once and For All highlights this quarter complement Tairawhiti's success.

"We've had a lot more interest in the programme from practices, pharmacies and individuals across both regions who want to come be programme providers. In fact, around 20 have showed interest. Many of them will officially become providers next quarter".

"We are also particularly pleased with the number of Maori smokers enrolling on the programme in not only Tairawhiti, but Waikato too. This quarter 61 per cent of all enrolments in Tairawhiti are Maori, with 54 per cent in Waikato, demonstrating that we are successfully reaching this priority group".

Selena said the programme also recently introduced an added incentive for pregnant women by increasing the quit reward from $50 to $300 and they are looking forward to seeing a potential boost in enrolments from this priority group in the coming months.

Smokers in the Waikato and Tairawhiti regions can sign up to the Once and For All programme online, through their GP or community health provider, or by phone.

Find out more about the programme at

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