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Pinnacle Incorporated AGM 2018

A message from Frank Cullen, Pinnacle Incorporated Chairman

The Pinnacle Incorporated Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday, 29 November at the Pinnacle Midlands Health Network Hamilton office.  

Pinnacle Incorporated's point of difference is a strong focus on the future, and the retention of high quality general practice.  It is a membership-based organisation with a not-for-profit status and is governed by an executive committee duly appointed by its GP members.

We invite and encourage all GP members to attend the AGM. Starleaf video conferencing will be available, we will confirm the dial in locations once R.S.V.Ps are confirmed.

Preliminary notices and executive committee nomination forms are available (see below); with final notices including voting papers and proxy forms due to be uploaded to this web page by 15 November. 

If you would like to RSVP or are unable to access your preliminary notice, contact Pinnacle Incorporated Executive Assistant, Liz Patterson by emailing

We look forward to sharing with you some of our achievements over the past year and our vision for 2019.

Kind regards

Frank Cullen
Pinnacle Incorporated

Preliminary Notice Of Pinnacle Incorporated AGM 2018 PDF 65.43 kB

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