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Announcing two important changes in leadership

Pinnacle Incorporated chair Dr Frank Cullen has announced two changes in leadership of the Midlands Health Network side of the group.

Earlier this year Pinnacle Incorporated separated is business, focusing Pinnacle Midlands Health Network on the PHO and network support activities of the group, and moving its innovation activities into Ventures.

During that realignment former CEO John Macaskill-Smith moved to the Ventures arm of the business, and the board has been engaged in a recruitment process to appoint a new CEO for Pinnacle MHN. 

"I am delighted to announce we have appointed David Oldershaw permanently to the role. David has been with Pinnacle MHN for over five years now, starting in a general manager role, then moving to deputy CEO and most recently interim CEO," he said. 

"David stood out in a rigorous recruitment process involving national and international candidates. His in depth knowledge of the organisation and its complexities; his vision for the future direction of Pinnacle MHN; and the key relationships that he already holds, ensured he was the right person for the job." 

"David has proved his worth to MHN with the excellent work he has put in over the time he has been with us, and I look forward to seeing him lead the organisation on the next phase of its journey," Dr Cullen added.

"It also gives me great pleasure to announce Murray Gutry as the new chairman of the Pinnacle Midlands Health Network Board, following Tony Hartevelt's retirement in late September."

Murray joined the board as an independent director in February 2012. Based in Hamilton, Murray holds several professional directorships across a broad range of industries, including Perry Group, Aqualine Ltd, Perry Metal Protection, Bay Venues and the Lion Foundation. Murray was the chief executive of the Perry Group and Sport Waikato for a number of years. 

"Having independent directors (Tony Hartevelt, Murray Gutry, Craig McFarlane and Mark Ingle) on the MHN Board over the past five years has been hugely valuable. They have brought a wealth of business acumen and governance experience to their roles," says Dr Cullen.  

"I congratulate Murray and David on their appointments, and look forward to what these leadership changes will bring to the organisation." 

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