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Volunteers prompt people to quit smoking, once and for all

More than a dozen volunteers visited 10 locations across the Waikato and Tairawhiti regions on World Smokefree Day (31 May) to promote Pinnacle MHN's Once and For All stop smoking programme.

Pinnacle MHN's objective was to contribute to the achievement of New Zealand's Smokefree 2025 goal by gathering sign-ups to the Once and For All programme.

Our enthusiastic volunteers managed to sign up 52 smokers across six Waikato locations, and 16 patients across four Tairawhiti locations, all within two hours.

Once and For All offers intensive behavioural support for smokers with a dedicated Quit Coach. It is available for free at some GP practices and health providers in the Waikato and Tairawhiti regions.

Project Lead, Puamiria Maaka, said smokers in these regions can sign up to the Once and For All programme online, through their GP or community health provider, or by phone.

Once enrolled in the programme, they pick a target quit date and are supported through their journey with a Quit Coach. Participants can take part in group or individual support sessions in their home, workplace or in-clinic. Smokers who quit successfully will receive a gift voucher to the value of $50.

Once and For All kicked off in October 2016 and is one of 16 New Zealand providers lending their efforts towards the 2025 vision.

Puamiria said the number of enrolments in the programme has doubled in quarter three, compared to last quarter, demonstrating the programme is on the right track. The ultimate goal is still 100% smoke free New Zealand.

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