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Waikato mental health integrated care co-ordination team update - May 2018

We meet with the ICCT monthly to review the work that we are doing together to support the transition of care of long term community mental health clients to primary care.

Process update

A process has been developed on following up clients who do not attend appointments in primary care, or who have missed an appointment for administration of depot antipsychotic medications.

Transfer of care template

A survey was recently sent out requesting feedback from GPs and practice nurses about the information contained in the transfer of care template. The feedback was essentially positive - we thank you for this and are glad that the template has been useful for you.

End of funding year process

A reminder to please let ICCT know when a person is due/scheduled for their final funded appointment (end of transitional year) so that ICCT can attend and complete an evaluation with you. ICCT will then be able to support the practice in ensuring on-going funding through application for the disability allowance or an extension of the transitional period if required.

Primary mental health nurse credentialing update

Waikato District Health Board (DHB) is continuing to work with other DHBs and the PHOs to develop the credentialing programme for the Waikato region - we will keep you informed of any updates.

GP education

At the upcoming GP education forum on 7 June, Adrian Leathart (ICCT psychiatrist) and Elle Hayes (ICCT team leader) will be doing a presentation on the work of the Integrated care co-ordination team. Elle will also give a brief overview of the integrated safety response police led pilot.

Integrated safety response (ISR)

ISR is Police-led multi-agency pilot that works collaboratively with key government and non-government agencies to address patterns of family harm and family violence in Waikato's communities. Waikato is the second national pilot site for the integrated safety response team and this has been present in the Waikato since October 2016. Mental health and addiction services participate in this pilot.

On an average week there are approximately 250-270 cases discussed at the meetings. Of these cases, a number will be assessed as high risk and will be discussed at the intensive case management meeting (ICM).

Pinnacle MHN GP liaison Maree McCracken has recently joined the intensive case management meetings, and is now able to be a part of the safety planning for families at high risk of family violence.

Maree and Elle will continue to work on how to link primary care with this pilot; you can expect a further update in the near future but you in the meantime you may begin to get notifications about high risk cases of family harm.

Learn more about the integrated safety response pilot on the New Zealand Police website.

For more information

View our webpage on reintegrating long term mental health patients into general practice, or contact Amanda Bradley, Pinnacle MHN Mentally Well programme lead

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