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We are committed to helping you to maintain your health and wellbeing, as well as assisting you to deal with illness. We will send you reminders for such things as smears and immunisations. We will offer you computer assisted health risk assessments.

We are currently enrolling new patients. Please call us if you are interested.

GP consultations

Our consultations are 15 minutes long. If your consultation runs over the 15 minutes there may be a small extra charge, although we often encourage a further booking in consideration of patients waiting for the next appointment. This also allows more comprehensive follow up medical care.

Should referral to specialist or hospital be required, we will assist you in managing this process.

If you require a referral or forms to be completed and these are not done during the consultation time, there may be an extra charge.

Booking appointments

At the time of booking your appointment, please let the receptionist know how many in the family need to be seen.

If you think you do require a double appointment, please tell the receptionist, so it can be accommodated. You will be charged double if a double appointment is booked. Some of the doctors do not offer double appointments.


Please advise us as early as possible if you are unable to keep an appointment, so we can offer it to someone else. Missed appointments may be charged for in certain circumstances.


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Clinic fees

Lake Surgery - Primary Health Care Ltd

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We are accepting new patients

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