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We are a multi-doctor general practice providing quality health care services to the South Taranaki District communities from our two sites, Hawera and Manaia.

The Hawera clinic is located close to the Hawera CBD and is open every business day from 8:00am to 5:00pm. It offers a wide range of services alongside onsite Medlab laboratory services.

The Manaia clinic is located on South Road, in the Manaia township and is open four mornings a week, Monday to Thursday. To make an appointment, please phone us.

Some of our services include the following.


Aclasta is used to treat osteoporosis, to prevent additional fractures in vulnerable men and women and Pagets disease. We offer Alcasta services for patients but a doctor's referral is necessary.

Alcohol breath testing

We have a certified breathalyzer which provides an accurate and reliable measurement of a person's alcohol level. This will be of interest to workplaces especially after a workplace incident.

Asthma reviews

Yearly reviews for patients with asthma are highly recommended. The asthma review involves a discussion of ways to have better control of your symptoms. If you have severe asthma or you have a child with asthma, a six monthly review may be recommended.

Cardiovascular disease risk assessment

The aim of cardiovascular disease risk assessment (CVRA) screening is to identify those at increased risk of having a cardiovascular event or stroke, in order to co-ordinate their care and support them to reduce their risk.

New Zealand CVRA and management guidelines (2009) recommend screening for all men from the age of 45 years (or from 35 if they have risk factors) and women aged over 55 years (or from 45 if they have risk factors). Maori, Pacific and Indian people should be assessed for cardiovascular risk assessment tens years earlier than non-Maori.

The CVRA includes measurement and recording of: smoking, fasting lipid profile (cholesterol), fasting plasma glucose, average of two sitting blood pressures, family history, height/weight/body mass index/pulse/waist circumference.

Once the risk has been calculated, treatment decisions will be made regarding lifestyle advice, drug therapy, treatment goals and follow up.

Diabetic annual reviews

If you are a diabetic, it is very important that you have an annual diabetic review with our doctors and nurses to ensure that you are getting the best care.

Drug Urine Testing including synthetic drugs (Cannabis)

Drug testing is often done when applying for employment or after a workplace incident. This test is the evaluation of an urine sample to determine if a person has been using drugs in question.

Immigration medicals

We are a registered provider of immigration medicals and these are coordinated by Immigration New Zealand.


We offer a range of medicals, all of which take a much longer appointment time so please let us know what you are booking an appointment for. The types of medicals we offer are driver, insurance, diving, pre-employment and employment medicals.

Skin checks

If you have any skin issues that you are worried about, please let us have a look. Our doctors use a Dermatoscope, which is a gadget that enables us to judge accurately if a skin lesion is problematic and needs to be removed.

Minor surgery

A number of our doctors are very experienced in doing minor surgery, such as the removal lumps and bumps, skin lesions. The doctors will need to see you for an initial consultation first before deciding what action to take.

Travel medicine

If you are travelling overseas for business or leisure, you will want the right advice for your trip. Travel consultations offer advice specific for your travel plans including activities you wish to undertake. You need to allow as much time as possible prior to your trip to allow for vaccines to be administered in the correct timeframe. So call us as soon as you start to plan your trip and we can advise you on when to come and see us.

Travel vaccinations

For advice and vaccines required for your trip, please make an appointment with one of our doctors as soon as possible, to allow enough time for you to get protected.


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