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Child and Youth Health Coordination Service

The network promised in its Better, Sooner, More Convenient business case to break down the barriers to health care for children and youth, and to make sure no child was lost in the health system.   It's time for us to follow through on our promise.

The Ministry of Health, National Health IT Board and Midlands Health Network have joined together to roll out a new nation-wide programme to help make sure all New Zealand children receive the health care they are entitled to and no child falls through the cracks.

The national child health information programme is being carefully designed to track a child's health milestones from birth until they turn 18 years old. It is made up of:

  • A telephone-based coordination service located in Hamilton (the Child and Youth Health Coordination Service)
  • An information platform that will give each health provider involved in a child's care a shared view of a child's milestone achievements (the National Child Health Information Platform)

Together, these new services will help you to provide the best health outcomes for the children in your care.

From birth the lead maternity carer will hand over the babies care to a nominated well child / tamariki ora provider and a GP. They will also be referred to the oral health service and enrolled on the National Immunisation Register and onto the National Child Health Information Platform.

Each health care provider will still do their own pre-calls, recalls and checks of course, but the programme will work alongside the provider to locate any child 'lost' to the health system.

What's changing?

For children...

This is about us all working together to make a positive difference to a child's health and wellbeing. All children and tamariki will be supported to receive proactive care and achieve their key health milestones on time.

For parents and caregivers...

We are providing a national service to help parents and caregivers find the right health provider for their child. In the future we intend to provide a "parent view" of their childs health milestone journey.

For health providers...

  • One step enrolment process for the National Immunisation Register, new born hearing, oral health, General Practice, Well Child Provider / Tamariki Ora and birth registration
  • Feedback on the status of a child's enrolment with the health milestone providers
  • A view of a child's health milestones
  • The ability to see which other providers are involved with the child's care, and a bigger view of the child's health progress and health provider team
  • Help to locate and reconnect a 'lost child' with the health provider
  • Children are nominated to the providers service earlier to enable better workload planning
  • Introduction of children new to the area to the provider's service
  • A service that actively helps families you encounter to find all their milestone providers 

More information

More information for parents and providers about the Child and Youth Health Coordination Service is available at

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