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Free support groups - Waikato

Heart Counselling in Hamilton are able to offer free support groups to those registered with Pinnacle practices who meet the criteria of Māori, Pacific, youth and/or low income.

Groups available

  • A loved one's addiction - alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex  
  • Toxic relationships - parent, child, partner, spouse 
  • Anti-smacking laws - disciplining children 
  • Adjusting to parenthood - nobody told me it would be like this! 
  • Blended families - what are the rules?

Group sessions are designed for participants to learn effective ways of coping with their situation, understand more about the impact it has on them, meet and connect with others experiencing similar challenges and have some fun. Groups are limited to a maximum of eight participants. 

Participants will need to know their NHI number to register. 

To register patients can call or text on 027 5735 362, fill in this form (this can be completed by the person themselves or a referring party) or email

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