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Primary mental health

Our goal is to promote wellness in life.

Midlands Health Network's primary mental health service makes it easier for general practice to support patients with mild to moderate mental health issues. Referrals are triaged and forwarded to the appropriate service provider such as a primary mental health coordinator, counseling or psychology. Each coordinator is allocated a cluster of practices, but a coordinator from outside the area may be allocated if a referral requires specific expertise. Coordinators may also work from outside the practices at venues in the community.The primary mental health service helps:

  • improve coordination of care, experience and journey for those seeking or receiving care for primary mental health and addiction problems
  • provide services to patients in the least restrictive environment for greatest gain
  • improve early detection, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and addiction with greater flexibility and tailoring intervention to meet individual patient need
  • build capacity in primary care to better meet mental health needs in community settings
  • ensure there is a continuum of care between primary and secondary services.

Psychiatrist in primary care service (Waikato)

This important service provides Waikato GPs with practice visits, telephone advice and other support for managing mental health conditions in general practice, and to give assistance with comprehensive patient assessments and management. 

Referral criteria and forms are available for clinicians under clinical resources.

For more information

Contact Pinnacle MHN Mentally Well programme lead Amanda Bradley: or 027 598 5542.

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