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Suicide bereavement funded counselling pathway

Grief support

The Waikato DHB recognises that anyone who was close to a person that died as a result of suicide, will experience severe distress. Whilst the grieving process is a natural progression, often people need extra help to cope with this type of trauma through counselling or a bereavement support group. In occasional situations, when the bereaved is experiencing an affective disorder as a result of the death, psychological services may be more suitable.

Counselling services

The Waikato DHB has limited funding available for counselling or psychological services. This process is being piloted as from October 2016. These services are available for immediate family members who are bereaved as a result of suicide and who are not eligible to access this support through the established primary mental health service offered by general practitioners (GPs).

All referrals for counselling or psycological services must be made through a GP. If the bereaved person is not enrolled with a GP, that person will need to register in order to have access to the funded counselling.

Read more and access the counselling or psychological services for people who have been bereaved by suicide (pilot) referral form

Please fax the referral form to the Waikato DHB suicide prevention and postvention coordinator on 07 858 0974.

NOTE: This is the version for primary care referrals. It asks if the person is eligible for funding through primary mental health - using either the primary mental health services contract or the services to improve access fund. If those options are  not available to patients, then this fund is - it is to ensure those people who do not have access to any other source of funded grief support service can get support too.   

Funded counselling pathway

  1. Referral is sent to Waikato DHB suicide prevention and postvention (SPP) coordinator by fax.
  2.  SPP coordinator requests approval for service from manager (manager may give approval but with the proviso that all other funding streams have been explored). This generally occurs on the same day as the referral is received.
  3. SPP coordinator asks if the GP has explored the primary mental health or services to improve access funds. If neither of these funds is available, SPP coordinator advises if approval given [or any other feedback]. SPP coordinator asks for guidance from referrer on preference* of person being offered the service. This generally occurs same day as the referral is received.
  4. SPP coordinator identifies preferred service provider and contacts service provider to check if accepting referrals. This occurs within two working days of receiving the referral. 
  5. SPP coordinator advises referrer of name and contact details of provider and asks the referrer to arrange the sessions in liaison with the person being referred. SPP coordinator requests that the referrer confirms the service has been arranged. This occurs within two working days of receiving the referral.
  6. Service provider sends invoice to SPP coordinator who sends on for processing. This occurs either at intervals throughout sessions or all at the end - dependent on the service provider's process.

*The person's preference, for example where the service will be provided; if the person would prefer male or female service provider; particular ethnicity; particular language. We try and find the best fit based on the information available.

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