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Model of Care report

Primary health care professionals are well aware of the issues that currently face our sector. We know that our population is ageing and so is our GP workforce. We also know that the numbers indicate that our current model of primary health care is not sustainable for the future.

Midlands Health Network has researched and developed a new model of care, to ensure that our community can continue to enjoy access to high quality health care in the future. Many of the components of the model of care are not new; it is not setting out to single handedly change the nature of primary health care. Instead, the model of care represents a standardised and formalised system of best practice elements, many of which already exist within the primary health care community.

Several practices around our region, both urban and rural, have adopted and implemented this new model.  This report looks at their stories and our learnings along the way.

For more information on the model of care, click here.

Midlands Health Network model of care PDF 1.13 MB

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