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Pinnacle quarterly highlights: Jan-Mar 2018

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Each quarter we submit a huge report on our achievement against contracts to the DHBs. At 80 plus pages each issue it is a fascinating, yet time consuming read! If you are interested you can check them out online, but in the interests of time we felt we'd summarise the high points for you graphically instead, as well as update you on what's on top from the board perspective.

Download our quarterly highlights publication below, or click the image to the right to open the file. 

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Making headlines

NZ Herald: Millions to be saved through email, phone, video GP consults under Health Care Home model

A dramatic shake-up in the way patients visit their GP could spell the end of long waits and short consultations, as well as wasted healthcare. And the new way of delivering GP visits has the potential to reduce hospital care by hundreds of millions of dollars each year, a new report shows. 

NZ Herald local focus: 'Why am I smoking?' Helping pregnant mum's quit

Fifteen seconds is all it takes to breathe into a smokerlyzer machine and start the journey to give up cigarettes. For pregnant mother Nicole Paulse, the journey to stop once and for all has just begun. Watch this story on the NZ Herald website: 

Maori Television: Bringing flu vaccinations to kaumatua: working together to overcome barriers

Offering both the flu and Zostavax (shingles) vaccines, a Hamilton initiative worked to reach a high risk, vulnerable population who may otherwise have been missed. Pinnacle MHN worked with South City Health general practice and Rauawaawa Kaumatua Charitable Trust to vaccinate Waikato kaumatua. 

The ripple effect: six family members kick the smoking habit once and for all

Waikato Mum Sharnay smoked up to 20 cigarettes a day since she was 14 years old - it had been a decade. At 24, she became pregnant and made the call to kick the habit, once and for all. Her commitment to her child's health sparked a journey her whole family decided to join her on... 

indiciTM set to fly

With the completion of final compliance certification for the National Enrolment System, indiciTM has gone from being a beta test product to one that is ready for commercial implementation across the network. 

Cervical screening highlighted for hundreds at Waikato's Poukai

In March Pinnacle MHN and Nga Miro Health centre together attending five Waikato-based marae across five days during Poukai for the first time in the tradition's history, reaching hundreds of priority group women with cervical screening messages.

School health clinics making a difference in Waikato communities

Annually, thousands of youth in communities across the Waikato region struggle to access health care services, restricted by barriers such as cost, lack of transport and fear of talking to a health care professional. Thankfully, as they begin to walk through the doors of their high schools, wharekura, alternative education facilities and teen parent units, there's a team of 11 registered nurses and 19 general practitioners (GPs) ready and waiting to fight this access impasse.

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