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Seattle Findings Report

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." (Victor Frankl)

Fact - The pressure on the system is growing, more complex health demands, an aging population, an ageing workforce and fiscal constraints.

Fact - The majority of conversations and requests for support that we are now receiving are based around addressing these pressures.

Via the sustainability project started in 2006 by Pinnacle Incorporated and the BSMC EoI process started in late 2009 we have be looking at developing a number of large scale responses to the sustainability of high quality general practice team services, ensuring that not only are there services today, but also for ourselves tomorrow and our children the day after.  This is not about isolated responses, but how we can draw the system together.

As part of this process time has been spent researching how others are responding locally and around the globe, what seems to have worked and what we can learn from those experiences of others.  The challenge is not unique and we need to get better at leveraging off others experiences rather than always going back to the start.

The attached report is one view into another way of doing things via the eyes of a group of our colleague GPs, nurses, practice administrators, pharmacy and managers who spent time visiting Group Health in Seattle in mid-2010.

seattle-findings-report-web.pdf PDF 558.16 kB

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