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Our GP Facebook discussion group

The GP liaison group recently discussed some other GP Facebook groups they were involved in, and suggested it would be useful to set up a Facebook group for Pinnacle GPs to share ideas and knowledge. 

The group is a supportive place to respectfully network and share experiences, difficulties, ideas and interesting information - without adding lots of emails to your inbox or asking people to read another newsletter. 

This group is an 'as well as' add on tool to the way we communicate and any information of significance that comes up in the group will be shared in other ways such as via the weekly newsletter, on our website and via your practice support person. Your participation in the group is completely voluntary, but we do feel it will give you a way to link to each other, as well as to Pinnacle.  

We hope this will be particularly useful to those who are more isolated in their practice.

Our Pinnacle GP discussion group is a closed group which means:

  • anyone on Facebook can find the group, see the group description and request to join it
  • only members can see who's in the group and what they post
  • only the group administrators can approve requests to join
  • the group administrators are currently members of the GP liaison team.

To join go to

When you make a request to join the group you will be asked three questions.

  • Are you a Pinnacle Incorporated member?
  • What practice(s) do you work at?
  • What is your medical council number?

This is to help our GP liaison team to approve requests - your medical council number is asked for instances where the name you use on Facebook may differ slightly from the name you use in your professional practice.

Ways to contribute

The group will become more valuable when lots of us are actively contributing to it. If you have an idea for things we can do in the group we're all ears, otherwise the easiest way to get involved are:

  • post links to things you see online
  • make a post about discussions you've seen elsewhere to talk about it with your pinnacle peers
  • comment and like the posts of others.

The all-important safety announcements

Use of the Facebook group is not intended as a replacement for seeking advice on treatment decisions, or for legal or financial advice.
Please feel free as a group member to take a conversation offline with another member if they are seeking this sort of support.

There is no such thing as a truly secure and closed group.
Devices can be used by others, information can be left on screen or screenshots can be shared. Please read and follow our ground rules for participation in the group. These can be found in the 'about' section of the group, and at the end of this document.

Ground rules for participation


  • Pinnacle GP liaisons


  • Pinnacle Incorporated members


This group is for all Pinnacle Incorporated members and Pinnacle staff to share ideas and knowledge. It is a supportive place to respectfully network and share experiences, difficulties, ideas and interesting information.


Members are advised to note this is not a forum for legal or financial advice. It is also not intended for medical advice - treatment decisions are the responsibility of the treating practitioner.


Please remember there is no such thing as private. Even in a closed group setting consider every word you post public and permanent.

Any patient related information shared in this group must be non-identifiable. Patient images are not to be shared without express written consent from patients giving permission for you to share their photos online with other GPs for education and discussion purposes. We recommend you retain this signed consent form as part of the patient file in your PMS. Consent from parents/legal guardians is required for images of patients under the age of 18.

Do not take screen shots and/or share information from this forum outside of the group. Taking screen shots or discussing and naming particular comments made by group members without their permission is grounds for consideration of removal from the forum. If you wish to discuss content from this group with non-group members as a matter of courtesy please request permission from those involved in the online dialogue.

Please declare any conflicts of interest.

We recommend all group members read Social media and the medical profession: A guide to online professionalism for medical practitioners and medical students, a joint initiative of the Australian Medical Association Council of Doctors-in-Training, the New Zealand Medical Association of Doctors-in-Training Council, the New Zealand Medical Students' Association and the Australian Medical Students' Association.   

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