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Pinnacle Executive Member profile – Dr Peter Battersby

Taupo Medical Centre GP and owner Peter Battersby recently joined the Pinnacle Executive Committee, promising to provide a strong voice for local general practices.

Criminal threat to infant formula

Ministry of Health advice for health professionals on the criminal threat to infant formula.

Nurse practitioner makes her mark in Turangi

One Turangi resident got a nice surprise when nurse practitioner Anna Mastrovich showed up at his fishing spot to talk about his long term conditions.

Workforce Trends 2009

This summary report from the 2009 workforce census covers general practitioners, practice nurses, and practice managers and administrators.

Graduate nurse programme

This programme consolidates nursing knowledge in a supportive environment whilst developing core clinical skill sets for nurses pursuing a career in primary care.

Kiwi pioneering spirit running high at Taupo Medical Centre

Taupo Medical Centre is a place where innovation has truly become the norm and the expectation in their unrelenting quest to make things better for their patient population.

Newborn enrolment success in Lakes DHB region

Having an established relationship with a primary health care provider is a proven success factor in the timely delivery of childhood milestone checks - immunisations in particular.