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Clinical Matters - 4 August 2016

Read Clinical Matters for 4 August 2016.

Management Matters - 22 September 2016

Read Management Matters for 22 September 2016

Management Matters - 25 August 2016

Read Management Matters for 25 August 2016

Tackling the growing obesity epidemic

View The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners' policy brief on 'tackling the growing obesity epidemic: a general practice perspective'.


There are a number of tools available to help you manage patients with long term conditions.  Click here to access information about these. 

Clinical Matters - 29 September 2016

Read Management Matters for 29 September 2016


Your working life will be better with the ManageMyHealth™ shared electronic health record and online patient portal.

Clinical Matters - 9 June 2016

Read Clinical Matters for 9 June 2016

Quality 2016-2017 Resources

Refer to the Quality 2015-2016 resources including forms, reporting sheets and more, to support practice teams in reaching the goals. 

Travel Medicine

This article provides you with useful links to travel medicine websites including fit for travel, travel doctor, travel health online and more.

Common Form

A standardised screening and management tool for diabetes annual review and CVRA to assist clinical review, disease monitoring and clinical management.

Clinical FAQs for BPI and Common Form

This article includes frequently asked questions and answers relating to the common form and the patient prompt.

Quality 2016-2017 Goals at a Glance

Refer to the Goals at a Glance poster for Quality 2016-2017. 

Clinical Matters - 19 November 2015

Read Clinical Matters for 19 November 2015

Clinical Matters - 3 December 2015

Read Clinical Matters for 3 December 2015. 

Vaccine Storage

The 2012 Ministry of Health guidelines for vaccine storage and distribution help ensure vaccines are stored correctly to maximise their effectiveness.

Clinical Matters - 31 March 2016

Read Clinical Matters for 31 March 2016. 

Clinical Matters - 4 March 2016

Read Clinical Matters for 4 March 2016

Management Matters - 15 and 29 October 2015

View the latest editions of Management Matters, the fortnightly newsletter for non-clinical practice staff. 

Quarterly report - Q2 2016/2017

View the quarterly report for October to December 2016 

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