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Pinnacle Group reject Medtech claims

Response to Medtech claims that Midlands Health Network, Pinnacle Incorporated, Ventures and Valentia conspired together to copy Medtech's software and use its confidential information.

itsmyhealth website: ‘contact your practice’ form/link is a Pinnacle website aimed at patients. It includes a practice directory with contact details for your practice. 

Hepatitis C treatment Maviret is now funded

PHARMAC is now funding the new hepatitis C treatment, Maviret, a potential cure for people with chronic hepatitis C infection regardless of the type or genotype. 

Our immunisation rates: together what can we do?

I know this is a daily concern for Pinnacle members, and that it is not a new problem. We're keen to ideas from practice staff - what more can Pinnacle do to support immunisation rates?

National Health Advisory: Notification of measles outbreaks overseas

There are currently significant measles outbreaks overseas, including in the Philippines and some European countries. Read more.

NES reminder

NES will go live Monday 1 April for capitation payments - read more.

Measles - update and resources

As cases of measles continue to spread nationwide here are some helpful resources and answers to questions you may be facing in your practice.

CVRAs for Māori men aged 35-44 years

The achievement rates for cardiovascular risk assessments across our network have always been well in excess of 90 per cent and are something practices should be very proud of. 

Young people and online safety

There's lately been a lot of media coverage about young people's safety online. Mental health, non-suicidal self-harm, and suicide themes on social media continue to be an issue both youth and adults face daily. 

Are you and your staff immunised for MMR?

The Ministry of Health is reminding all healthcare professionals and those working in health care facilities, born on 1 January 1969 or later, to ensure they are protected against measles. 

Pharmacogenomics goes live: training and pilot project launches

Learn about the Ventures PGx programme, the training you'll need to get started and our work with Callaghan Innovation to mainstream the use of PGx in the New Zealand health sector. 

Government funding update - Extending access to primary care

As part of Budget 2018 several changes took place from 1 December 2018 to provide people with greater access to primary care services. Find out what this means for your practice.

What we've been reading - March

Interesting articles, podcasts, clinical stories and learnings related to the primary healthcare sector our GP liaison team has found this month.

Using tech to help patients take their health into their own hands

Listen to John Macaskill-Smith, CEO of Ventures, speak about using business to change health, introducing pharmacogenomics, and how you can find out more about how your body is likely to react to drugs on Business is Boring, a podcast series by The Spinoff in association with Callaghan Innovation.

Flu and other vaccine update 2019

Read the latest flu and other vaccination updates here.

Pinnacle quarterly highlights: April 2019

Learn about what's on top for your board, our upcoming rural symposium, a new model for primary mental health in Lakes and our 30th birthday!!!

National Enrolment Service (NES)

Information about the Ministry of Health's National Enrolment Service (NES).

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