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NZ ePrescription Service

Access these newsletter for the latest updates on the NZ ePrescription Service.

Sore throat swabbing

Clinicians are reminded to refer to the sore throat management guideline to help reduce the instances of acute rheumatic fever (ARF)

Updated smoking cessation guidelines

Access updated New Zealand guidelines for helping people to stop smoking, prepared by the Ministry of Health. 

Research Reviews & Funds

This article links you to the Research Reviews and DHB Research Fund websites with updates in a variety of health areas including general practice.

Rotovirus information for clinicians and patients

 Access Rotovirus information prepared by the Ministry of Health for clinicians and patients. 

Update: Nurse Prescribing

On Tuesday 20 September 2016, the Medicines (Designated Prescriber - Registered Nurses) Regulations 2016 comes into effect, meaning registered nurses authorised by Nursing Council NZ can now prescribe for a range of common and long-term conditions.

Pinnacle MHN is supportive of this development, which is in-keeping with the philosophy of all members of the team working to the top of their scope of practice. Having the ability to prescribe will enable nurses to make a bigger contribution to primary health care and to achieve more equitable health outcomes.

Specifically, Pinnacle MHN is keen to help support those practices who wish to consider supporting members of their nursing staff to become nurse prescribers. Please refer to the full notice for more information.

For further information on nurse prescribing and the required education please contact Pinnacle MHN nurse leads, Sally or Hilde on;   or

Standing Orders

Access Standing Order templates and resources.

Travel Medicine

This article provides you with useful links to travel medicine websites including fit for travel, travel doctor, travel health online and more.

Tackling the growing obesity epidemic

View The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners' policy brief on 'tackling the growing obesity epidemic: a general practice perspective'.

Vaccine Storage

The 2012 Ministry of Health guidelines for vaccine storage and distribution help ensure vaccines are stored correctly to maximise their effectiveness.

Quality 2014 Resources

Refer to the Quality 2014 resources including forms, reporting sheets and more, to support practice teams in reaching the goals.

Quality Plan 2014

Access an electronic copy of the Quality Plan 2014.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease resources to provide to patients. 


Diabetes resources for practice staff to share with patients. 


HeartHelp is the Heart Foundation's website for people living with heart disease, and for their families and loved ones. 

Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation resources for practice staff to share with patients. 

Section 2 - Practice environment and safety

Section 2 covers indicators 10-19 of the Foundation Standard. 

Section 1 - Patient experience and equity

Section 1 covers indicators 1-9 of the Foundation Standard. 


Find general information you need about Cornerstone here.

Foundation Standard guide and FAQs

Access Ministry of Health information about the new Foundation Standard, including common questions and answers from across the Pinnacle network

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