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B4 School Check Resources

Refer to resources for the B4 School Check, a nationwide programme offering a free health and development check for four year olds. 

Coroner's forms

Access the 'notice to provide written report' and 'record of death' forms. 

Cervical screening resources

Access cervical screening resources from Waikato DHB's cervical screening newsletter. 

Beating the Blues

"Beating the Blues" is a web-based cognitive behavioural programme by BPAC for people with symptoms of mild or mild-moderate depression. 

Cellulitis Pathways

Refer to the following Cellulitis Pathway attachments including resources, FAQs and information designed for Waikato GPs and nurses.

Electronic enrolment onto Breast Screening Aotearoa Programme

Taranaki practices using MedTech32 can now electronically enrol women on the Breast Screening Aotearoa (BSA) Programme.

Cremation of stillborn children

A message from the Ministry of Health regarding the cremation of stillborn children.

Ebola virus disease update

Access an update from the Ministry of Health about the current Ebola outbreak. 

DVT Pathways - Waikato

The resources attached support the Waikato GP DVT pathway. The pathway is available for all practices in the Waikato DHB area.

Heart and diabetes toolkit

Access the Ministry of Health's general practice toolkit for more heart and diabetes checks and better help for smokers to quit. 

Visual aide for eczema creams

Waikato District Health Board's dermatology department has created a useful resource showing common steroidal creams used in the management of eczema.

CT Urogram Pathway

GPs can now refer Waikato patients directly to the Health Waikato Radiology Department for a CT Urogram. A pathway is attached.

Guidance for healthy weight gain in pregnancy

Access Ministry of Health guidance for healthy weight gain in pregnancy.


Access Ministry of Health information about gout for patients and clinicians.

Map of Medicine

Map of Medicine is a clinical pathways online resource, piloted in Waikato practices since January 2013 and to be available network-wide later in 2013.

Immunisation - A team approach

This booklet covers all aspects of immunisation and is designed to support the everyday work practice staff do to ensure families receive the immunisations they need.

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator guidelines

These Waikato DHB guidelines will help GPs to deactivate a Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD). 


Access Lippincott and the Nursing Reference Centre information. 

Termination of pregnancy service in Waikato

A new service offering women the choice of a medical termination of pregnancy started at Waikato Hospital on 5 May 2014. 

Pertussis algorithm update

The algorithm for diagnosis and treatment of pertussis has been updated by Population Health Waikato. 

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