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Your working life will be better with the ManageMyHealth™ shared electronic health record and online patient portal.

Quality 2016-2017 Resources

Refer to the Quality 2015-2016 resources including forms, reporting sheets and more, to support practice teams in reaching the goals. 

Quality 2016-2017 Goals at a Glance

Refer to the Goals at a Glance poster for Quality 2016-2017. 

Resuscitation and first aid courses by St John

Refer to this webpage for information on St John resuscitation and first aid courses. 

Management Matters - 10 December 2015

Read Management Matters for 10 December 2015. 

Management Matters - 15 and 29 October 2015

View the latest editions of Management Matters, the fortnightly newsletter for non-clinical practice staff. 

Management Matters - 21 April 2016

Read Management Matters for 21 April 2016. 

Management Matters - 14 July 2016

Read Management Matters for 14 July 2016. management

Management Matters - 12 November 2015

Read the latest edition of Management Matters. 

Management Matters - 24 March 2016

Read Management Matters for 24 March 2016. 

Management Matters - 14 January 2016

Read Management Matters for 14 January 2016.

Management Matters - 25 February 2016

Read Management Matters for 25 February 2016. 

Management Matters - 2 June 2016

Read Management Matters for 2 June 2016

Procurement of Vaccine Fridges

 Details of how to benefit from the group purchasing deals for vaccine fridges.

Video: Introducing xcrania™

Watch this video to find out how xcrania™ can improve your practice.

Criminal threat to infant formula

Ministry of Health advice for health professionals on the criminal threat to infant formula.

Alex gives an insight into managing diabetes

Hamilton patient Alex is an ex-practice nurse, a full time professional worker in her 50s, fit and has Type II diabetes. 

Practice Matters

View this week's Practice Matters and access recent editions. 

Management Matters - 26 November 2015

Read Management Matters for 26 November 2015.


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