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Cardiovascular screening & management programme

The attached template helps your practice to build your own process to screen and manage cardiovascular disease. 

Quality Standards for Diabetes Care

Access the Ministry of Health's Quality Standards for Diabetes Care toolkit. 

Patient Safety Bulletin

Refer to following safety bulletin.

Heartland Health

Heartland Health is a rural update for Pinnacle practices across New Zealand's largest rural network. 

Heart and diabetes toolkit

Access the Ministry of Health's general practice toolkit for more heart and diabetes checks and better help for smokers to quit. 

Sore throat swabbing

Clinicians are reminded to refer to the sore throat management guideline to help reduce the instances of acute rheumatic fever (ARF)

Updated smoking cessation guidelines

Access updated New Zealand guidelines for helping people to stop smoking, prepared by the Ministry of Health. 

Tackling the growing obesity epidemic

View The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners' policy brief on 'tackling the growing obesity epidemic: a general practice perspective'.

Vaccine Storage

The 2012 Ministry of Health guidelines for vaccine storage and distribution help ensure vaccines are stored correctly to maximise their effectiveness.

Quality 2014 Resources

Refer to the Quality 2014 resources including forms, reporting sheets and more, to support practice teams in reaching the goals.

Quality Plan 2014

Access an electronic copy of the Quality Plan 2014.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease resources to provide to patients. 


Find general information you need about Cornerstone here.

Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation resources for practice staff to share with patients. 

Section 4 - Professional Development

Section 4 covers indicators 30 and 31 of the Foundation Standard.

Quality plans for 2017/2018

June 2017 is the last month of Quality Plans for 2017/2018 - here is a reminder of annual goals and tasks that should be completed before 30 June. 

Quarterly report - Q3 (Jan - March) 2017

View the quarterly report from January to April 2017.

Quality 2015-2016 goals at a glance

Access an electronic copy of the Quality 2015 goals at a glance poster.

Quality 2015-2016 Resources

Refer to the Quality 2015-2016 resources including forms, reporting sheets and more, to support practice teams in reaching the goals.

Virtual CVRA tool making a difference in Te Awamutu

Te Awamutu Medical Centre is using the virtual cardiovascular risk assessment (CVRA) tool to enchance their Quality results.

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