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Cremation of stillborn children

A message from the Ministry of Health regarding the cremation of stillborn children.

Ebola virus disease update

Access an update from the Ministry of Health about the current Ebola outbreak. 

CT Urogram Pathway

GPs can now refer Waikato patients directly to the Health Waikato Radiology Department for a CT Urogram. A pathway is attached.

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator guidelines

These Waikato DHB guidelines will help GPs to deactivate a Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD). 

Visual aide for eczema creams

Waikato District Health Board's dermatology department has created a useful resource showing common steroidal creams used in the management of eczema.

Guidance for healthy weight gain in pregnancy

Access Ministry of Health guidance for healthy weight gain in pregnancy.


Access Ministry of Health information about gout for patients and clinicians.

Measles resources

The Ministry of Health has developed these printable Measles resources for you to display at your practice.  

Termination of pregnancy service in Waikato

A new service offering women the choice of a medical termination of pregnancy started at Waikato Hospital on 5 May 2014. 

Immunisation - A team approach

This booklet covers all aspects of immunisation and is designed to support the everyday work practice staff do to ensure families receive the immunisations they need.

Nursing Portfolio

The Nursing Council NZ requires all nurses under the HPCA legislation to keep evidence of their continuing competence. Get started here.

Pertussis algorithm update

The algorithm for diagnosis and treatment of pertussis has been updated by Population Health Waikato. 

Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme

Resources for primary care nursing staff engaged in the Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme. 

Primary Mental Health Referral

Waikato GPs can make an eReferral directly to the Primary Mental Health Service for those patients with mild to moderate mental health issues. 

Research Reviews & Funds

This article links you to the Research Reviews and DHB Research Fund websites with updates in a variety of health areas including general practice.

Record of Death form

The Record of Death form will help GPs decide if there is a need to report a death to the coroner. 

Prostate cancer update from Ministry of Health

Attached is a letter from the Ministry of Health outlining the work underway to help GPs identify and manage men at risk of prostate cancer.

Rotovirus information for clinicians and patients

 Access Rotovirus information prepared by the Ministry of Health for clinicians and patients. 

Travel Medicine

This article provides you with useful links to travel medicine websites including fit for travel, travel doctor, travel health online and more.

Vaccine Storage

The 2012 Ministry of Health guidelines for vaccine storage and distribution help ensure vaccines are stored correctly to maximise their effectiveness.

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