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Travel Medicine

This article provides you with useful links to travel medicine websites including fit for travel, travel doctor, travel health online and more.

Vaccine Storage

The 2012 Ministry of Health guidelines for vaccine storage and distribution help ensure vaccines are stored correctly to maximise their effectiveness.

Contraception grant for beneficiaries

A special needs grant is being introduced to help women on benefits obtain or remove long-acting reversible contraception. 

Procurement of Vaccine Fridges

 Details of how to benefit from the group purchasing deals for vaccine fridges.

eReferral Newsletter

An electronic copy of the December eReferral newsletter is available here along with the eReferral resource for patients with a high suspicion of cancer. 

Pharmacy agreement

The community pharmacy contract that came into effect on 1 July 2012 has the provision for managing patients with long term conditions.

Model of care patient survey 2013

Patients and clinicians at Hamilton's NorthCare practices have completed the second of three surveys on our model of care and the results have been published. 

IFHC Report 2011

This report provides insight into the development and roll out of Midlands Health Network's integrated model of care to three Hamilton practices. 

Workforce Trends 2009

This summary report from the 2009 workforce census covers general practitioners, practice nurses, and practice managers and administrators.

Primary Options

Primary Options gives practices access to a range of funded community, diagnostic, therapeutic treatment and logistical services to help treat acute patients.  

B4 School Checks

The B4 School Check is a nationwide programme offering a free health and development check for four year olds. Refer to the resources in this article.

Primary Options Resources

Refer to these Primary Options resources to help you make the most of this service.  

Concussion: diagnosis, treatment and rehab

This article contains the WPGMI presentation and video on concussion, including pathophysiology, management and neuropsychological assessments

Waikato Allergy Clinic at Victoria Clinic

Click here to learn about the Waikato Allergy Clinic at Victoria Central and how to contact the service.  

Vitamin D Prescribing

The resources contained in this article support Vitamin D prescribing to residents of aged residential care in the Waikato DHB region.

Dermatology update

This article contains the WPGMI presentation and video on Dermatology (actinic keratosis, eczema in children, psoriasis) 

Immunisation extravaganza

This article contains WPGMI presentations and videos of immunisations and vaccine preventable diseases.

Mental health

This article contains education videos about Methadone and making a difference for adults with ADHD. 

Waikato DHB public health bulletins

Access monthly public health bulletins from Waikato DHB. 

Neurology update

This article contains the WPGMI presentation and video on Neurology incl headaches, parkinsons, MHN, first seizure, new MS drugs, TIA and stroke 

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