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Map of Medicine

Map of Medicine is a clinical pathways online resource, piloted in Waikato practices since January 2013 and to be available network-wide later in 2013.


Access Lippincott and the Nursing Reference Centre information. 


Your working life will be better with the ManageMyHealth™ shared electronic health record and online patient portal.

Common Form

A standardised screening and management tool for diabetes annual review and CVRA to assist clinical review, disease monitoring and clinical management.

Patient Prompt

Supports patient management through prompting at individual patient level of action to be taken.

Video: Introducing xcrania™

Watch this video to find out how xcrania™ can improve your practice.

After Hours Response - Waikato

Patients enrolled in practices in Hamilton and surrounding areas have improved health care and support through a service called After Hours Response.


The ManageMyHealth™ patient portal and shared electronic health record are being rolled out across the network to let improve access to and continuity of care for patients.


Lean is a management approach that focuses on creating a culture of eliminating waste and continuous improvement.

After Hours Care

Midlands Health Network is working with local DHBs to help manage patients after hours and reduce ED admissions.  Posters are attached.

BPI Reports

You can now access your Quality 2013 and Long Term Conditions Management Programme 2013 reports by logging onto bestpractice intelligence (BPI).

Section 4 - Professional Development

Section 4 covers indicators 30 and 31 of the Foundation Standard.