Ventures is a subsidiary of Pinnacle Incorporated, focused on creating a better health deal in two ways.

Not for profit ownership of a network of practices

Primary Health Care Ltd is the largest not-for-profit operator of general practice in Aotearoa New Zealand. We have practices in Rotorua, Taupō, Taranaki, Waihi Beach and the Waikato.

As leaders in general practice management, we have a strong equity focus on improving health and wellbeing outcomes for Māori and Pasifika. We believe in giving people choice in how they receive primary health care services, using data and connected systems to measure our impact and ensure we're always working to do better.

Maximising the potential of technology to enable better health outcomes

The future of health needs to leverage the opportunities offered by technology and the digital space. Our digital experts specialise in:

  • Electronic health - PMS, patient portals, electronic clinical decision support, electronic pathways, shared electronic health records: working with and supporting providers using indici™, MedTech, Orion and many others – from true cloud to hybrid and all that sits between.
  • Patient access - a virtual reception team allows frontline practice staff to focus on what's important - people instead of phone calls.

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