Kia hauora te katoa, kia puaawai te katoa - Everyone healthy, everyone thriving.


Our vision is to deliver primary care that supports all people to thrive by realising their health and wellbeing potential.

The Pinnacle group is a primary care pioneer – and we’re proud of that. We're a network of forward thinking general practices and a community service provider, managing the healthcare of nearly half a million people enrolled with 86 practices in Gisborne, Taranaki, Rotorua, Taupō-Turangi, Thames-Coromandel and the Waikato.

We have made an explicit commitment to Māori and our communities to improve equity of health and wellbeing, in accordance with Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We have also made an equity commitment to our Pasifika population.

The individual and whānau experience is of fundamental importance. People in our communities have different levels of privilege and therefore different levels of ability to access the health care they need. We recognise different approaches are needed to ensure equitable health outcomes for all.

We are powerful advocates for primary care services that support people and communities to thrive. We recognise the role of general practice as a hub and shelter within the community – a place to seek help, receive ongoing care from a team that knows you, to take action and to live well.

We can't do this alone. We are committed to partnership, to collaboration, to integration and to walking alongside others for the collective good.

As a group we’re inquisitive, innovative and evolve with purpose – we’re proud to be constantly pushing the boundaries. We were the first in New Zealand to:
  • drive positive change through a quality plan for practices
  • design and implement the Health Care Home model of care to support not just sustainable but thriving general practice
  • step into practice ownership
  • provide 24/7 hosted IT solutions for general practice
  • develop new roles such as practice based clinical pharmacists and Māori support workers
  • step up, commission and co-design a new patient management system
  • established integrated data dashboards with our iwi partners.
More recently we've been the first to mainstream pharmacogenomics, and we're leading the way for New Zealand in best practice for management and use of health data, making it simultaneously more secure and useful in predicting future trends with the use of things like machine learning for anomaly detection.

Supporting our members

All general practitioners in a Pinnacle practice join Pinnacle Incorporated as a member to ensure we have a grass roots, GP led focus.

As one of the largest GP membership networks in New Zealand we have a strong voice on national committees, influencing health policy and service development for our members. Our size and innovative culture allows us to create or access the very latest thinking, techniques, equipment and funding.

The Pinnacle group provides an unparalleled level of support to its members and practices. This ranges from daily administration support and financial planning, right through to assistance with adopting new technologies and models of care, long-term practice and succession planning, funding for facility development and free counselling support. Every practice has a dedicated development facilitator who regularly visit the practice and are on call when needed.

From then till now...

All the best Kiwi tales start with a road trip right?

Well ours started in 1989, with a brown Ford Cortina and a couple of GPs travelling around the Waikato bringing together their like-minded colleagues. What united them then, and now, was the desire to deliver the best health outcomes for people and communities.

Over the years Pinnacle Incorporated has grown to become the parent in a group of health related organisations. We've always had an eye to the future – sensing and positioning for the ever-changing health landscape of New Zealand. This drove a structure change in 2017 that saw core support and Primary Health Organisation activities becoming the sole focus for Pinnacle Midlands Health Network, while a new subsidiary company, Ventures, was formed to lead Pinnacle Incorporated’s commercial activities. With a crystal-clear purpose for each side of the organisation our structure ensures we continue to provide premium support to practices for their day to day activities and provide directly community services such as school clinics, primary mental health care and support to screening.

The trust works closely with Lakes, Tairāwhiti, Taranaki and Waikato DHBs to better align health services across the primary, community and secondary sectors. Learn more...

Pinnacle Midlands Health Network is the operational arm of the group, designed to support all Pinnacle general practices to thrive. Learn more…

Midlands Regional Health Network Charitable Trust

Ventures delivers to the Pinnacle network, and broader health system, what's next in smartest technology, tools and hands on care while they globally explore, feel and design what's coming after what's next. Learn more…

Supporting our practice teams

Our primary care teams are highly skilled from nurse practitioners, clinical pharmacists and peer support workers to business-savvy practice managers and administration teams.

With 86 practices in our network we support over 1,000 team members to provide the best care every day. From dedicated practice development facilitators, to education and training programmes, to online peer forums, to a 24/7 IT helpdesk we have it covered. Developing the next generation of leaders and a sustainable workforce is core business and our innovation and service development has their input and needs at the centre.

Māori and Pasifika health

Working in partnership with iwi and Māori and Pasifika health providers is critical to improve health equity in our enrolled population.

With approximately a 20 per cent Māori patient population, the Pinnacle group is committed to becoming a bi-cultural organisation This includes ensuring all elements of our work programmes are developed in accordance with the Te Tiriti o Waitangi and in partnership with Māori and local iwi.

We have Maori leadership at all levels of our organisation; from the Pinnacle Incorporated and Trust Boards, to our executive leadership team to our workforce out in local communities.

We work closely with those communities, breaking out of the traditional model of general practice and delivering services when, where and how they work for Māori. We already provide a range of outreach services such as marae clinics, kaiāwhina, whānau coordinators, and services designed specifically for kaumatua, and are constantly on the lookout for new partnerships, ideas and opportunities. We also actively increasing our Māori workforce in order to foster kawa whakaruruhau in all that we do.

PHO service provision

As a PHO, we are also a provider of services that integrate with our practices and other health and social care providers. These include:
  • primary mental health care and psychiatric support
  • school health services
  • dietetics
  • clinical pharmacy
  • social work
  • community health workers
  • nurse specialists.

Rural health care

Pinnacle has the largest rural primary care network nationally, making rural health and rural communities central to our work.

People living in rural communities should receive continuity of care and experience the same sort of health outcomes as those living in the city. It’s important to ensure even in remote communities that people have appropriate access to first level services and urgent care services. Our work helps to support practices and their enrolled population by ensuring rural primary health care services:
  • are sustainable
  • reflect local community needs
  • are delivered by the right people, at the right time, and in the right place
  • prevent unnecessary hospital travel
  • have safe workloads and access to appropriate clinical support and workforce development opportunities.