Dr Gishani Egan

I was born in Sri Lanka and studied medicine at the University of Sydney, graduating 20 years ago. After working in Sydney for a couple of years, I came to New Zealand and have lived and worked in the Waikato since. I have been a GP for the last 14 years. I am an owner of Victoria Clinic in Hamilton.

I enjoy being a GP due to the opportunity it affords me to build long term therapeutic relationships with my patients and the autonomy it gives me in my work.

I trained to be a forensic doctor caring for adults and adolescents who have been sexually assaulted 12 years ago. I have been working on the Waikato SAATS roster since then. For the last five years I have been the clinical lead for Primary Options Acute Care at Pinnacle, working in this capacity part-time.

My various roles keep my day to day work interesting and I enjoy the different intellectual challenges they pose. I am passionate about both the clinical and business aspects of being a GP practice owner. I am a mentor in the Ka Hono mentoring pilot of the RNZCGP Waikato/BOP faculty and have been mentoring GPs interested in practice ownership.

I wish to assist in the development of thriving practices which are built on having a sustainable workforce. Good member engagement and transparency in what the board does is essential to building trust in the network. I am keen to make a positive contribution to the future direction of Pinnacle.

Dr Gishani is a member of the following leadership teams:

Combined Pinnacle Incorporated and Midlands Health Network Ltd Board