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13 Nov 2015

Buddies in general practice promote great childhoods

Pinnacle general practices across Waikato, Taranaki and Taupo are getting behind a campaign to help end child abuse.

17 Sep 2015

Pinnacle Executive Member profile – Dr Peter Battersby

Taupo Medical Centre GP and owner Peter Battersby recently joined the Pinnacle Executive Committee, promising to provide a strong voice for local general practices.

GPs, Lakes  
14 Sep 2015

Pinnacle GPs recognised at college conference

Pinnacle GPs John Burton and Michael Oehley were invited to share their general practice experience at The Royal New Zealand College of GPs conference recently, receiving medals as recognition of their achievements.

8 Sep 2015

The Network's Plan

The plan sets out the strategic direction, health outcomes and the way the eco-system will be developed to support the strategic objectives over the next three years.

21 Aug 2015

National Health Advisory - Notification of Meningococcal Disease outbreak

Notification of Meningococcal Disease outbreak in attendees of World Scout Jamboree in Japan, July-August 2015.

17 Aug 2015

National Screening Unit resources for the deaf

Access sign language interpretations of the National Screening Unit brochures. 

27 Jul 2015

A healthier lifestyle is just what the doctor ordered

Patients who could benefit from more physical activity are getting the push they need with help from their GP and Sport Waikato. 

17 Jul 2015

Quarterly Report - Q4 2015

The Midlands Health Network Quarterly Report April - June 2015

10 Apr 2015


HeartHelp is the Heart Foundation's website for people living with heart disease, and for their families and loved ones. 

17 Mar 2015

Alex gives an insight into managing diabetes

Hamilton patient Alex is an ex-practice nurse, a full time professional worker in her 50s, fit and has Type II diabetes. 

10 Mar 2015

Criminal threat to infant formula

Ministry of Health advice for health professionals on the criminal threat to infant formula.

20 Feb 2015

Video: Introducing xcrania™

Watch this video to find out how xcrania™ can improve your practice.

16 Feb 2015

Waikato DHB public health bulletins

Access monthly public health bulletins from Waikato DHB. 

10 Feb 2015

Ebola virus disease update

Access an update from the Ministry of Health about the current Ebola outbreak. 

4 Feb 2015

Cremation of stillborn children

A message from the Ministry of Health regarding the cremation of stillborn children.

21 Jan 2015

Tackling the growing obesity epidemic

View The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners' policy brief on 'tackling the growing obesity epidemic: a general practice perspective'.

16 Jan 2015

Sore throat swabbing

Clinicians are reminded to refer to the sore throat management guideline to help reduce the instances of acute rheumatic fever (ARF)

15 Dec 2014

Medicine advice put patients back on track

Clinical pharmacist Tess James is proof that tackling a few simple medicine issues can greatly improve a patient's quality of life.

3 Dec 2014

Coroner's forms

Access the 'notice to provide written report' and 'record of death' forms. 

12 Nov 2014

Heart and diabetes toolkit

Access the Ministry of Health's general practice toolkit for more heart and diabetes checks and better help for smokers to quit. 

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