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15 Jan 2014

Midlands Health Network Patient Coverage

Take a look at the patient coverage information for the Midland region, based on the latest Census data. 

14 Jan 2014

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator guidelines

These Waikato DHB guidelines will help GPs to deactivate a Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD). 

19 Dec 2013

Special Quality Newsletter

This special edition newsletter showcases some of the many quality achievements and learnings from across the network. 

10 Dec 2013

Beating the Blues

"Beating the Blues" is a web-based cognitive behavioural programme by BPAC for people with symptoms of mild or mild-moderate depression. 

Nurses, GPs  
19 Nov 2013

Turanga Health newsletter

Manawaru is Turanga Health's monthly newsletter and is filled with staff news, photos, information and success stories.  

15 Oct 2013

Child abuse and family violence

The following resources will help you increase your understanding about child protection and family violence, and better prepare you to support your patients. 

7 Oct 2013

Alcohol screening and brief intervention

The following resources will help your practice better prepare for alcohol screening and providing brief intervention to patients. 

28 Aug 2013

Map of Medicine

Map of Medicine is a clinical pathways online resource, piloted in Waikato practices since January 2013 and to be available network-wide later in 2013.

28 Aug 2013


Lean is a management approach that focuses on creating a culture of eliminating waste and continuous improvement.

23 Jul 2013

Record of Death form

The Record of Death form will help GPs decide if there is a need to report a death to the coroner. 

10 Jul 2013

Waikato Allergy Clinic at Victoria Clinic

Click here to learn about the Waikato Allergy Clinic at Victoria Central and how to contact the service.  

15 May 2013

Model of care patient survey 2013

Patients and clinicians at Hamilton's NorthCare practices have completed the second of three surveys on our model of care and the results have been published. 

10 May 2013

Child and youth health services snapshot

This brochure gives a snapshot of the child health services we provide to help keep our children healthy now and in the future. 

18 Feb 2013

Financial options to better manage your business

Practice owners now have the opportunity to use the existing value of the business to increase practice size and share ownership with Pinnacle Inc.

10 Jan 2013

South Waikato Health Profile

The 2012 South Waikato Population Health and Service Profile describes the health of patients enrolled with Pinnacle  practices in South Waikato. 

17 Dec 2012

Your Network News

Download the Your Network News newsletter which touches on what the network has accomplished, reflects on the year that was, and takes a look at 2013.

12 Dec 2012

Model of Care report

Several practices in our region have adopted and implemented the model of care.  This report looks at their stories and our learnings along the way.

6 Dec 2012

Pacific Health Profile

The Midlands Health Network Pacific Health Profile describes the health of the enrolled Pacific population, including details on the major health issues they are facing.

24 Oct 2012

Maori Health Profile

The Midlands Health Network Maori Health Profile describes the health of the enrolled Maori population and the development of Maori health services. 

2 Oct 2012

Cellulitis Pathways

Refer to the following Cellulitis Pathway attachments including resources, FAQs and information designed for Waikato GPs and nurses.

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