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4 Feb 2015

Cremation of stillborn children

A message from the Ministry of Health regarding the cremation of stillborn children.

21 Jan 2015

Tackling the growing obesity epidemic

View The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners' policy brief on 'tackling the growing obesity epidemic: a general practice perspective'.

16 Jan 2015

Sore throat swabbing

Clinicians are reminded to refer to the sore throat management guideline to help reduce the instances of acute rheumatic fever (ARF)

15 Dec 2014

Medicine advice put patients back on track

Clinical pharmacist Tess James is proof that tackling a few simple medicine issues can greatly improve a patient's quality of life.

3 Dec 2014

Coroner's forms

Access the 'notice to provide written report' and 'record of death' forms. 

12 Nov 2014

Heart and diabetes toolkit

Access the Ministry of Health's general practice toolkit for more heart and diabetes checks and better help for smokers to quit. 

11 Nov 2014

Nurse practitioner makes her mark in Turangi

One Turangi resident got a nice surprise when nurse practitioner Anna Mastrovich showed up at his fishing spot to talk about his long term conditions.

10 Nov 2014

Get accredited for your nursing abilities

A Hamilton primary healthcare nurse is celebrating achieving expert level accreditation on her first attempt.

2 Oct 2014


Access nutrition resources to provide to patients. 

23 Sep 2014

Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation resources for practice staff to share with patients. 

22 Sep 2014

Virtual CVRA tool making a difference in Te Awamutu

Te Awamutu Medical Centre is using the virtual cardiovascular risk assessment (CVRA) tool to enchance their Quality results.

3 Sep 2014

B4 School Check Pilot Report 2014

The B4 School Check (B4SC) pilot was set up after feedback from the Ministry of Health that certain groups were not engaging in the B4SC programme.

24 Jun 2014

Guidance for healthy weight gain in pregnancy

Access Ministry of Health guidance for healthy weight gain in pregnancy.

17 Jun 2014


Access Ministry of Health information about gout for patients and clinicians.

9 Jun 2014

Rotovirus information for clinicians and patients

 Access Rotovirus information prepared by the Ministry of Health for clinicians and patients. 

15 May 2014

Health Care Home

Implementation of Pinnacle's Health Care Home began in 2011 at three practices in Hamilton.  Find out about our learnings so far.

15 May 2014

Primary Mental Health

Midlands Health Network's Primary Mental Health Service makes it easier for general practice to support patients with mild to moderate mental health issues.

15 May 2014

School Clinics

30 GP-led clinics and nine registered nurse-led clinics are in place in Waikato high schools, teen parent units or alternative education.

2 Apr 2014

Visual aide for eczema creams

Waikato District Health Board's dermatology department has created a useful resource showing common steroidal creams used in the management of eczema.

17 Feb 2014

Measles resources

The Ministry of Health has developed these printable Measles resources for you to display at your practice.  

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